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SharePoint Governance

It has been more than 2 years since I worked on SharePoint directly as an administrator, architect, and author of corporate governance for SharePoint.  I wanted to share my thoughts and discoveries in hopes it may help others in their journey to mold SharePoint into their organization.  Th... [More]

Converting VMWare virtual machines files (VMDK) to Hyper-V (VHD)

Regardless of your choice or preference for virtualization technology, there are occasions when you need to convert from one platform to another.  I recently came across a number of VMWare VMs and wanted to mount them on my new Hyper-V server.  Now at this time I did not have an installati... [More]

Installing FreeNAS 8 onto a USB thumb drive using Windows

You can run FreeNAS without installing it to hard disk.  A thumb drive or SD card 2GB or higher is required and now inexpensive.  If you are like me, a Windows guy, the process of installation is different in that you do not need to install the software, rather transfer the image to the de... [More]

Breaking Windows 7 drive mirror

Unless you are using a solid hardware mirror, which unfortunately does not come standard on today's motherboards, Windows 7 drive mirroring is a viable option if you want a certain level of fail-safe redundancy.  Backups are always you best bet for redundancy. Breaking drive mirrors in Windows... [More]

Windows 8 Developer Preview Installation on USB Drives

Many of us have netbooks and other PC's that don't have a DVD drive.  Now that the Windows 8 Developer Preview is available, the question comes back just how to copy a .ISO file to a USB drive and make it bootable.  The answer is still the same one as years ago: The Windows 7 USB/DVD downl... [More]

CSS tuitorial

Here is a great site that does an excellent job of explaining the basics of CSS:

Customizing the public website in Office 365 (SharePoint 2010)

As part of my evaluation with Office 365, my goal is to customize my public website and make it look different than the stock template.  There are themes and artwork choices that can give your public site a different look.  This site has a great walk-thru if you are interested in making ch... [More]

Connecting Android to Office 365

Again, this was surprisingly easy.  On my DroidX running Android 2.3.3 I went to Settings | Accounts | Add Account | Corporate Sync.  The settings in there were a little tricky. Email Address: (note this is my newly added domain, not my address) Pa... [More]

Getting started with Office 365

I signed up for the Office 365 trial following my thoughts on that topic.  The signup process is simple and straightforward and really does not require a screen-by screen set of instructions.  The only thing you need to know is what trial you should sign up for. Office 365 has different pl... [More]

Thinking about Office 365?

Cloud computing has and continues to be in the news a lot these days.  It seems to mean a lot to some people and little to others.  So what are cloud services and what the heck is Office 365 (and why you should care). Simply put, cloud services are computers running programs hosted and ma... [More]